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New Websites & Makeovers

The hallmark of Webbed Presence is that we don’t just copy/paste our last build to create your site — we design it.

We carefully consider your product, market, industry, competitors and your customers to create a compelling site that speaks to all audiences of your business. 

The Webbed Presence Difference: Holistic perspective and passion

Lead Designer Christy Allison uses her unusual background in design, development, UX, marketing, and multi-industry experience to design not just a website, but create a visitor experience that can stand alone or easily fit into a diversified marketing strategy.

And because she’s passionate about this work, quality and integrity always come first.

WordPress: An Adaptive, Secure, Powerful and Fully Customizable Platform.

We also offer beautiful and fast websites on our new in-house builder Webbed Presence PRO.

We will recommend WordPress or Webbed Presence PRO based on your unique needs during our free consultation meeting.

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New Website Platforms & Packages

Custom WordPress Websites

We will design and build for you a full site including an online store (if needed) and other custom functionality as needed. 

Your site comes with:

  • Custom Design
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Built-In Analytics
  • Built-In SEO
  • Branding
  • Content Editing

Add custom functionality:

  • Online storefront
  • Advanced forms
  • Media delivery
  • Lead capture
  • Tell us what you need!

Our development & hosting platform includes:

  • Password-protected development site
  • Excellent security
  • Daily back-ups
  • Built on WordPress

Webbed Presence PRO Websites

We are delighted to now offer a second solution for building and hosting business websites on our new branded platform, Webbed Presence PRO.

Our Builder is perfect for Brochure sites as well as any organization that wants their website on the same platform as their CRM.

Which website build is best for me?

It depends on the unique needs of your business. We’ll discuss those needs on a Discovery Call and use that information to put together a proposal that best meets those needs.

When your site is completed, you’ll receive a customized “Website Owner’s Manual” as well as a walk-through of the back end of your new site and its features.

Join us for a free 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss your needs and we’ll put together a proposal tailored for you!

Set Up a Call

Alternatively, send a text to 443-333-2076 to schedule.

Direct calls returned within 2 business days

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Website Makeovers

Is a Makeover Right for Your Site?

If your current site needs an update, but you’re not sure whether it needs a complete overhaul, the best way to determine next steps is with a Website SEO & Performance Optimization Audit.

This will provide us with a baseline to start from, and help prioritize the changes that will give you the best return.

We’ll personally present the results of the audit in a live online meeting, and share the recording with you afterward.

Afterward you’ll be able to take our findings back to your Team, or we can implement the updates for you.

If you choose to work with us, the purchase amount of your report will be deducted from your web design or optimization package.

Frequently Asked Questions

About our New Website Packages

When working with Webbed Presence, you are personally receiving all of the cumulative knowledge and experience of owner Christine Allison. As Webbed Presence’s business and reputation grows, Christy is expanding the team, with a focus on hiring and training locally.
Learn more about Christy here.

While the timing varies, New Websites generally take approximately 8-12 weeks. This is largely dependent on all content and feedback being delivered in a timely manner.

Onboarding & Discovery
During the onboarding & discovery phase you will complete a questionnaire and provide content for the website. I will research design and style inspiration for your review.

Design & Development
Once the design concept has been signed off I will proceed to build out the homepage. You will be given an opportunity for feedback prior to completion of the remainder of the website.

Final Checks
During the final checks phase I will review the website for quality assurance and ask you to do one final review. Then, lift off!

Start Date
As with any business and industry, some seasons are busier than others. If we need to delay the start date of your website in order to complete current projects, we will let you know up front. By making your deposit you secure your place on our schedule.

As with any business and industry, some seasons are busier than others. If we need to delay the start date of your website in order to complete current projects, we will let you know up front. By making your deposit you secure your place on our schedule.

We do offer a rush fee. Tell us about your project and timing needs and we’ll let you know what we can do.

We’re so glad you asked!

The first things we’ll need are any and all logins to access your current site (if you have one), your domain name provider, your Google business account (or add us as an Admin in Google) your stock photos account if you use one, etc.

Otherwise, content and communication are our primary needs during site design and building.

In terms of content, we need whatever it is that you want put on your site, from images to copy and other media.

We’ll provide a shared folder during Onboarding. Use it to share with us images of your business, your products, your branding, your customers — whatever you have available that can be used to fill out your site. More is always better than less, the more we have to work with the better we get to know you and your product and the more material we have to work with for design.

Often the hardest part of the project is copy. We will provide basic page copy (headings, short phrases to organize the page, etc.) as well as copy editing on your existing copy to ensure it is optimized both for SEO and for your audience. We provide copywriting as an additional paid service — if you are interested in having us write for your website, let us know your needs either on the New Website Project Form or during your free discovery meeting.

Other than media, copy and branding, we need your feedback! We need you to review and respond to our requests for feedback in a timely manner. From marketing research leads to color schemes to site themes, we’ll have a lot to cover.

And, if you have ideas you’d like to incorporate, tell us. We won’t progress on the build without your input.

A bit of warning, however, we are honest. If we believe an idea that sounds good will actually be counterproductive to your site attractiveness or SEO, we will tell you, and make suggestions as to options that will better suit our goals for the site.


There is one site builder we will use on a case-by-case basis.

We are very knowledgeable in multiple builders, however, few of them compare to WordPress across a number of factors, prime among them hosting. We’ve found a builder that meets our high expectations, and will use it whenever we feel it is the best fit for a particular client’s needs.

Read more about why we primarily use WordPress here.

That said, we are happy to consult with you or offer tech support for your current site on another builder.

From our primary creative Christy:

I love what I do, and I want you to be successful too! Stay in communication with me, send me what I need, and let the magic happen.

I promise to always be kind, courteous and respectful and I expect the same from my clients. You’re building a relationship with me as well as your potential customers — I’ll likely be recommending your business to people every chance I get, and I hope you’ll recommend others to Webbed Presence too!

For all longer projects, I’ll send you a guide to working with me. Hopefully it proves insightful and gives you a little laugh or two.

Depending on your needs, there are premium WordPress plugins we will recommend.

There’s one we recommend to all of our customers: Termageddon. We’ll give you a special link to use to purchase it for a discount.

And if you don’t want Termageddon? That’s absolutely fine! However, you’ll have to provide all of the copy for your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages. Either way, Webbed Presence is not liable if the legal language is not accurate.

We also offer several premium plug-in subscriptions as part of several of our Hosting & Site Care plans (particularly for site speed, SEO, and easy customizations).

Graphics and Graphic Design
We will provide free stock images. You’ll need to purchase the licenses to use any premium stock images via Adobe Stock or a similar licensing service. (If your business subscribes to any of these services, let us know.)

We will provide basic image editing in Canva, which is pretty spectacular but is not as powerful as Photoshop. If we need anything created in photoshop, you’ll need to use a graphic designer or I can recommend one locally.

We often divide our packages into several equal payments depending on the size. The first payment is the deposit and reserves your spot on our calendar.

Yes! We have special rates for Nonprofits located in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Learn more on our Nonprofit Websites, Hosting & Site Care page.

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